MEG provides end-to-end wholesale supply of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to customers at the front line of humanitarian aid. Our commitment to supporting both emergency response and long-term health development projects is delivered via a comprehensive full-service solution cycle, which covers:

  • Sourcing
  • QA/QC Manufacturer and Product Qualification
  • Warehousing
  • Assembly and Consolidation
  • Transportation
  • Training and Installation
  • Maintenance

project wholesale

A trusted partner

The numerous long-term relationships we’ve established over the past four decades are testimony to our dependable collaboration. MEG is proud to be servicing tailor-made long-term contracts (LTAs) with all main UN-organisations and other major actors in global health development. Our extensive supply network and outstanding logistics have led to us becoming a key supplier for a broad scope of medical commodities varying from pharmaceuticals to hospital equipment.

Different partnerships possibilities

MEG is able to contract in various ways:

  • under LTA structures (with fixed orders)
  • via Qualified Vendor status (competitive bidding among selected vendors)
  • for One-off projects
  • as a Procurement Service Agent

Always ready to respond

Over forty years of experience combined with brand new consolidated facilities, including centralised storage of pre-cleared items, means we are continuously ready to spring into action, whenever and wherever there is medical need. Intense relationships established with a wide network of key suppliers ensure we are always in a position to deliver specifically required products.