Quality of pharmaceuticals and other medical and healthcare products is absolutely essential. MEG takes an uncompromising approach to ensure every item supplied is of the highest quality, right through to the point of delivery.

We do this by closely monitoring the entire supply chain process, from producers/suppliers and, products to storage and transport conditions. Ensuring there is no weak link which could compromise efficacy and safety of products at the point of use.

Quality Assurance

MEG has a dedicated QA team who verify and qualify individual suppliers and manufacturing sites to ensure cGMP guidelines are completely complied with, so all pharmaceutical products and medical and laboratory supplies are of required quality. Our dedicated GMP experts are auditing and monitoring all production facilities which are not GMP certified by an SRA authority. MEG’s own ERP system ensures product and kit traceability upto batch level.

The wide range of assured quality products

In response to the global demand for product diversity, MEG runs its own comprehensive supplier and product qualification system which enables us to give a green light to a wide range of products. While we are supplying medicines sourced from SRA/WHO approved sites, we also supply products from non-SRA sites and verify the quality of products as being manufactured complying with GMP standards (pharmaceutical products) or ISO/EU standards (non-pharmaceutical health products).

For Medical Supply products, MEG’s own product and supplier screening and approval process verifies ISO and CE certification. This ensures compliance with international ISO management principles of manufacturers as well as EU-Certification standards of all medical supplies.

quality assurance

Approved by the world’s leading healthcare organisations

MEG’s Quality Management System meets principles and guidelines of the WHO Model Quality Assurance System for Wholesalers. We are an approved regular supplier of all major UN organisations including the WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, UNHCR and USAID. MEG is also approved supplier of a range of international NGOs including MSF and ICRC.

MEG’s Quality Assurance system covers:

  • Consistent updating and application of procedures in line with GDP (Good Distribution Practice)
  • Supplier screening and use of approved manufacturers and products
  • Supply of safe and good quality products
  • Relevant quality documents directly linked to our ERP system
  • System for handling corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs)
  • System for handling complaints and deviations
  • Correct handling of products during storage and distribution
  • Full batch and kit/batch traceability from manufacturer to customer
  • Performance of self-inspection of all areas including QA/QC and warehouses
  • Specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to monitor critical processes

Quality Control

To complete the quality assurance process, MEG stringently checks and documents all pharmaceutical products against defined international quality standards. We screen for characteristics such as quality standard, composition, shelf life and stability. Upon receipt in our warehouse and before delivery to the use destination, we verify labelling and documentation and send random samples to independent WHO pre-qualified QC laboratories for testing.

Certificates & approvals

To ensure compliance with international management principles of manufacturers as well as EU standards of all medical supplies, MEG verifies its processes and partnerships through ISO and CE certification standards.