We believe that strategic, long-term supplier relationships are the key to providing our customers with the best, and most reliable, service. Our procurement team is dedicated to sourcing good quality products manufactured by trustworthy producers. Keeping prices to a minimum, while insisting upon safe and fair working conditions.

Our vendor relationships

MEG has extensive experience procuring medical equipment & supplies and pharmaceuticals. We are pleased to able to rely on longstanding relationships with approved vendors for the majority of our purchasing. Our procurement team invests a great deal of time and effort in establishing, nurturing and continuously improving these relationships. Building good partnerships with suppliers is always our goal. We are proud to have been working with some of them for more than 30 years.

“Establishing and maintaining solid vendor relationships is crucial for serving our customers in the best possible way. I am proud of the strong relationships we have with our strategic suppliers around the world. These are the key to our success. Every single day, we and these suppliers go to great lengths to satisfy our customers’ intentions through making essential products accessible to the people who most need our help.” ~ Nancy Schoemaker, MEG Purchasing Manager

A world of choice

MEG sources products from all over the planet. From Africa to the Far East. From Europe to the USA. This gives us the broadest choice and range of possibilities. Our procurement work starts with listening to our customers’ wishes and proceeds by identifying the most beneficial product/supplier combinations. Our reach and flexibility enable us to give customers the best value for money, without compromising on quality, reliability or ethics.

Local sourcing in Africa

In line with the UN’s goal of enabling Africa to become more self-reliant, we have been building close relationships with African suppliers who are able to meet internationally recognised standards. This ‘local sourcing’ involves established, licensed suppliers in various regions around Africa. We are proud to actively be helping the UN to realise this ambition.

Seeing with our own eyes

Maintaining good standards and good relationships calls for ongoing personal attention. MEG’s procurement team makes a point of speaking and meeting with our suppliers on a regular basis. Both by welcoming them to our office in Vuren, the Netherlands, and by travelling to their factories around the world, to see and if needed audit their production processes with our own eyes.

nancy schoemaker lab

Supply continuity

MEG ensures supply continuity by maintaining a broad network of vendors, with multiple approved sources for every core product. This avoids the risks posed through dependency on a single supplier, while helping secure competitive prices.

While remaining loyal to our trusted vendors, we are always looking to improve our offering, proactively seeking out new sources. Every supplier to MEG has to satisfy an extensive set of non-negotiable criteria that guarantees the highest standards in terms of quality, ethics and competitiveness.

Ethical code

Every one of our suppliers must comply with the stringent requirements stipulated in our ethical code. This ensures our suppliers provide their employees with safe working conditions and treat them with respect. It also requires responsible and environmentally friendly production processes.

Procurement team

MEG has dedicated teams of vastly experienced procurement experts for every product group.