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Stringent quality assurance

From his pivotal role in supporting pharmaceutical manufacturer’s compliance efforts, Dr Patrick Lukulay has seen first-hand the lengths MEG goes to in order to scrutinize products to ensure they are quality-assured. “Prior to engaging a manufacturer, MEG reviews the manufacturing records, conducts on-site inspections to ensure compliance with GMP standards and assesses the quality of inputs into the finished product, including manufacturer’s raw material and excipient sources.

“Once a manufacturer has been engaged to supply products, they conduct random third-party quality control testing on the manufactured batches as an additional check. MEG also takes it upon themselves to thoroughly review the certificate of analysis against the pharmacopeial methods, to ensure all tests were done and found to comply.”

Proactive role in improving public health

At MEG, our interests go way beyond ensuring reliable procurement. We are fully invested in improving public health. And we know that the health of local economies, with successful local manufacture, plays a huge role in achieving that. This is another reason we are so happy to be able to work with organisations such as Technology Solutions for Global Health, as part of our proactive efforts to improve communities’ health through increased self-sufficiency.

Dr Patrick Lukulay: “MEG is a procurement organisation with a difference. Their relationship with manufacturers is not just transactional. They form a true partnership, working closely to ensure quality standards are met, at the same time as showing an interest in ensuring these manufacturers are able to conduct business in a way that is profitable and successful. For example, by recommending potential quality assured suppliers of raw materials and even helping negotiate prices and payment terms, on behalf of the manufacturer. All of which serves to ensure the manufacturer is able to afford the necessary quality, which enables them to consistently supply quality assured products.”

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