Speedy implementation and long-term reliability are of vital importance when acquiring new medical capabilities. MEG ensures both these factors by managing entire installation projects, from choice and purchasing of equipment through to installation, maintenance and staff training.

Taking every need and aspect into consideration, our turnkey solutions mean that hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities can introduce new or improved services without having to worry about the complexities of getting them up and running. Our turnkey solutions can also be applied to setting up completely new healthcare establishments.

MEG is proud to deliver complete turnkey concepts to UN organisations, NGOs and public institutions.

turnkey solutions

A world of expertise via a single point of contact

As a single point of contact for engaging trusted experts in every field, MEG takes care of all coordination and contracting, so our customers don’t have to. Right through to ensuring staff are properly trained to use the new equipment.

Our ‘glocal’ structure draws upon a vast global network of donors, customers, vendors and service providers to build local capacity, where local staff are employed and educated. The local community benefits from the best equipment and expertise the world has to offer, while improving its own prosperity through employment of well-trained local personnel.

MEG’s turnkey project management includes:

  • Medical Care & Engineering solutions
  • Medical equipment and hospital furnishing
  • Procurement, logistics and project management
  • Medical equipment planning

Immediate and long-term reliability

By expertly integrating appropriate, high-quality medical and laboratory equipment within existing infrastructure, MEG enables facilities to be upgraded quickly, reliably and conveniently. Because we also train staff and take care of maintenance, we provide assurance the equipment can immediately be put to use and will remain continuously serviceable in the long term.