MEG’s commitment to global healthcare means we are always striving to create sustainable, long-term improvements. We therefore stimulate local supply chains by sourcing as locally as possible, while implementing stringent controls to ensure every medicine and medical item is of the very highest quality. This raises standards at local levels, which benefits local economies and improves their healthcare prospects. 

local sourcing

Raising and maintaining local supply chain standards

MEG qualifies local manufacturers and wholesalers via GMP or GDP audit, followed by CAPA implementation. These go on to a list of approved vendors who we can turn to as and when needed.

Products from approved vendors are only released following approval based on documentation review and in-country registration validation. Batch documentation review and independent testing and product analysis takes place at qualified laboratories in the Netherlands, India, Tanzania and Nigeria. In this way, quality is continuously monitored and guaranteed for any batch supplied through MEG.

This stringent Quality Assurance and Quality Control system has made MEG a USAID approved wholesaler.

Building local capacity and speeding up delivery

By being actively engaged in improving local suppliers’ ability to provide verified-quality products, MEG strengthens local supply chains and supports local industry. Availability of finished products from registered local suppliers also speeds up delivery, as transit times are short and there are no delays due to waiver application procedures.