MEG provides complete pre-packed medical kits to customers dealing with disrupted availability of medical supplies, typically in emergency situations such as war, natural disasters and virus outbreaks. We also offer standard, internationally recognized kits equipped with all the basic materials needed for customized kits containing the specific products and materials required for a particular situation or health challenge.

As the market leader in supplying high-quality medical kits, MEG is always ready to respond immediately, 24/7. We are always on standby to step in.


The right kit for every emergency

All-inclusive emergency disaster kits, which contain every medicine and medical item relevant to a specific situation, are often the best and fastest solution in times of crisis.

Putting over forty years of knowledge and experience in disaster zones to work, MEG proactively compiles and dispatches kits for every situation. A consultation with our experts determines whether the solution lies in any of our standard internationally recognised kits, which we always hold in stock, or whether a custom kit is more appropriate.

Either way, we will take the lead in determining which products are necessary, packaging them in a consistent, practical way and getting them to the right place in the fastest possible time. Our experienced and highly knowledgeable personnel ease pressure on those in the field, by calmly helping our customers take decisions which consider the complete scenario.

Recognised, assured quality

MEG’s high-quality kitting solutions, which are compiled according to Good Distribution Practice guidelines (GPD), are embraced by organisations such as WHO, UNFPA and USAID. Our recognised Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Kitting extend beyond the kit content itself to also cover correct labelling, line opening and closure. All components are thereby fully traceable.

Fast response

MEG pre-empts demand by collaborating with customers on rolling forecast models and holding contingency stocks.

Our experienced logistics department can dispatch emergency kits to arrive everywhere around the world even deep within Africa within 48 hours of receiving an order.