The Covid-pandemic has shown once more that protection from viral infections is and will remain to be of immense importance. One of the main ways to contain the further spread of a virus is by broad scale usage of a high-quality respirator mask. Next to a high consistent quality, a reliable supply chain is a firm requirement, but both have proven to be a major challenge.

Made in Europe

The Medical Export Group is offering a solid solution to both these challenges. Starting in February 2021 we will be producing our own ComfoCover respirator masks with a minimum filtration efficiency of 95% of 0.6 µm particles. The masks will be produced on our own line in a factory in Europe with more than 30 years of international experience and success in manufacturing high quality respirator masks.

Ready for regular and emergency orders

By producing the main ingredient, the melt blown material, in house we will not be effected by the often seen shortage in this raw material. Furthermore, in addition to the production line with an output of at least 200,000 masks per week for regular orders, we also carry substantial stocks in our warehouse in The Netherlands to accommodate emergency requests. Our warehouse is conveniently located near to the main hubs of Rotterdam seaport and Amsterdam airport which both offer broad and fast access to the entire world.

A high quality respirator mask made in Europe.

As a response to the differences in regulatory guidelines in place in the country of destination, MEG delivers 2 versions of the ComfoCover respirator mask:

  • ComfoCover N95, for countries where NIOSH-certification is in force;
  • ComfoCover FFP2, for countries where CE-certification applies.

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