The beginning of a journey towards better protection

The Covid-pandemic has left and continues to leave severe scars in the lives of many people worldwide. The health, safety and well-being of millions of people is at stake.

Through our support in the supply of vast quantities of among others protective materials and medical equipment through our many clients in the UN, NGO sector and public institutions, we have once again seen and felt the importance of our work.

In addition, the high importance of treating and testing people, prevention and protection play an equally crucial role.

The huge shortage with consequent substantial negative impact on the safety of people caused by the severely disrupted supply chain of personal protective materials has made The Medical Export Group decide to venture into a new area. We will shortly take our commitment and intrinsic motivation to increase protection of people to the next level. The departure of this shipment marks the start of our contribution:

More news to follow shortly….

We deliver Protection