The Medical Export Group and Amstelfarma have been working together for several years. Now the next step is taken. We are proud to announce that the Medical Export Group and Amstelfarma will join forces on 1 February 2022. With this acquisition, Amstelfarma, Waterland Laboratories and the Generics Plus brand will become part of FC MEG.

The combined companies will continue to invest in expanding their customer base and intensifying supplier relationships to achieve their common goals. We clearly see the added value for our current and future customers in the efficiency and reliability of the goods and services we provide. Our people will continue to work from the same high quality values to serve our customers.

Marcel Claessen, CEO MEG: “With the acquisition of Amstelfarma by FC MEG, owner of the Medical Export Group, we are strengthening our portfolio. The strong position in pharma, stock based sales, the customer portfolio and the experienced team of professionals at Amstelfarma will broaden and strengthen the range of products and services that the Medical Export Group provides to its customers.”

Jean-Pierre Bogers, CEO Amstelfarma: “Due to increasing requirements from the market we continuously need to improve and develop our company to stay competitive. With the support of Medical Export Group we are able to meet these requirements faster and in a more efficient way. This all without losing our current strengths.”

‘Becoming part of FC MEG gives Amstelfarma the opportunity to expand the product portfolio and services we provide to our customers’, says Josine Hoekstra-Voogd, ‘I am pleased to stay on board as the Managing Director of Amstelfarma and contribute to this transition into growth and the bright future that lies ahead of us’.


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