Rapid delivery of pharmaceutical and other medical supplies to crisis-hit areas depends on watertight logistics, with every scenario considered in advance. With over 40 years’ experience responding to medical emergencies around the globe, MEG has all the facilities, solutions, procedures, certifications and partners in place to make this happen.   

Efficient storage space, strategically located

MEG’s bonded warehouse and distribution centre is located in the Netherlands. We have capacity for 18,000 pallets, 5 kitting lines (yearly more than 500,000 kits assembled) and it satisfies all relevant international GDP and other requirements, including temperature control which maintains maximum quality of pharmaceuticals and two certified safes for storing dangerous goods. Close proximity to Amsterdam Schiphol airport and Rotterdam seaport is a great starting point for reaching anywhere in the world.

"MEG is sourcing lab equipment in Germany, pharmaceuticals in India and oxygen concentrators in China, shipping the products to the Netherlands, checking the quality of the physical products, consolidating in customer specific packaging in our premises in Vuren and deliver this to a village called Mekèle, 600 miles from Addis Abeba Ethiopia." ~ J. Geldman (Manager Logistics)

In addition to our local shipping hubs, we can transport from all other major air and sea ports around the world, such as routes via India (Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, and Tuticorin) and China (such as Xingang, Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin).

Fast-tracked customs and security clearance

MEG holds the status of Known Consigner in accordance with EU regulations. Registration number: NL / KC / 00213-00. This means that MEG and its employees are certified to deliver your (emergency) goods directly to the airport for air shipment, bypassing regular customs controls and security procedures.

Approved AEO status

MEG’s dedicated warehouse is especially designed for the storage of medical kits and holds Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status within the European Union. The AEO certificate confirms that MEG complies with required criteria for customs regulations, appropriate record-keeping, financial solvency and applicable security and safety standards. This means we are permitted to undergo simplified customs procedures which involve less documentary control and result in more efficient and faster logistical processes.

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Reliable forwarding

Decades of experience has enabled MEG to establish a broad network of reliable forwarders, so our carefully packaged goods reach their final destination in perfect condition, quickly and cost-effectively. Even in countries where distribution is known to be problematic. 

Quality maintenance

Temperature-sensitive and hazardous goods are delivered via specialised transporters in special containers with active temperature control (Cool-Active) and continuous temperature recording. Tarmac exposure time is kept to a minimum and, whenever possible, these items are stored and shipped in protected, temperature-controlled surroundings and cargo compartments.

Track & trace

MEG receives detailed updates on the position and status of its consignments and is able to provide customers with extensive track & trace options.